Impersonating Administrators, GM’s or so called their “friends” will get you banned. Administration doesn’t have friends in game.

Account owner is always the same and stays the same. Person who has registered the account is considered to be it’s owner no matter who has current password. It is our policy and it will never change.

Logging in to account without owner’s permission is a crime punishable by ban to all your accounts.

Taking anything from any character in the account you not own is stealing and punishable by ban to all your accounts.

All accounts and all characters are property of the server Administration. Selling/exchanging accounts is forbidden (currency makes no difference). Seller can get his account banned and buyer can get banned at any time since his actions will be considered as illegal usage of personal data.

Owner can always ask for recovery of the account from administration by writing to support email’s listed in contacts. Anyone who are using account that they do not own can get banned without any warning. Nothing gets refunded.