Server Rates

Experience (EXP) 1000x Skill Points (SP) 1000x Adena 1x Drop Itens 1x

Spoil 1x Weight Limit 1000x Buffs song/dance 55/25 4H

Enchant Rates

Safe Enchant 3 Max. Enchant 20 Normal Scroll chance 52%

Blessed Scroll chance 80% Elemental Max. Level Level 7

Elemental Stone chance 100% Elemental Crystal chance 100%


Server Time GMT+1 Buffs, Dances and songs Duration 4 H

Buff Slots 55 Dances and Songs Slots 25

Max. Clients per PC 2 Geodata and Pathnodes

Auto Learn Skills Auto Learn Loot Sub-Classe Max Level 85


All Vs All Capture The Flag Domination Last Man Standing Mass Domination BattleFields Team Vs Team Hunting Grounds Mini Events

Unique features

Custom Community Board Boss info on Community Board Casino Npc Vote Shop Npc PVP zones Newbie Zones BirthDay System AntiBot System Wedding System Offline trade/craft Custom Private Shop Pvp/pk Announce Augment npc Wherehouse npc Character Control Panel Castle Manager npc