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Our server using DEADZ Interface Features: Auto Pots, Auto Enchant, Augment Helper, Auto Attribute, Pvp Radar, Skill Timer,Damage on Screen and much more features.

Our server have 4 farming zones and five Bosses in Boss zone and they spawn every 2 hours and if you enter to the boss zone you will get flag status.

The pvp weapons have a special enchant color. The Buffs from the buffer is maximum enchanted so you can enjoy more the pvp experience.

Vote every 12 hours for our server on Hopzone, L2Network,, GameBytes l2votes and use the command
.getreward to get your Gifts.

Humans are the most diverse and capable of all the races. They have the most balanced stats and the largest selection of available classes. Although Humans were created by Gran Kain, they worship Einhasad, the Goddess of Light.

Elves were born of water, making them fluid, agile, and infused with good magic. Deeply in tune with the forces of nature, they worship Eva, the second Goddess of Water. Elves excel at beneficial magic, archery, and singing above all.

Dark Elves were once part of the Elven tribes, but were banished after they learned black magic in order to obtain the power to fight Humans.

The Orc race is the race of fire. Among all races, Orcs possess the greatest physical strength, with high maximum HP and MP levels but have slow movement, attack, and casting speeds

Dwarves are of the race of earth. They excel at crafting, resource gathering, and heavy combat. Their prowess and great physical strength allows them to take on multiple enemies at once.

Kamael were created by the Giants as living combat weapons. Depending on their gender and their specialization in soul magic, Kamael are the only Fighter race that can later become a Wizard.

Create Your Hero

Shape your journey in Lineage II by creating a unique avatar from a selection of 5 unique races (Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf,Kamael each with their own unique characteristics and traits that lead you down the path of more than 30 potential classes you can evolve into. Whether you take the path of a Warrior to become a Dreadnought or grow from a Wizard to an Archmage, the choice is yours to make!

Live the Story

In a war-torn land spanning two continents, three kingdoms vie for power as they engage in a battle for ultimate supremacy. As a lone warrior in this conflict, you must choose an allegiance and confront enemies from all sides as you strive to overcome conflict against the mightiest of challengers. It is your time to step into the light and enforce your will upon the realm. Seize your destiny and allow your own hand to write the history that will be remembered in Lineage II.

Lineage II World

Prepare yourself for an adventure as you engage in colossal PvP siege battles, join epic raid encounters, build your own clan of allies, or raise your own stable of pets and mounts to traverse the epic Lineage II world!

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